Corporate Structure

Fimar Life Thermal Resort Hotel

FIMAR Holding, today considered among the most important companies both locally and internationally, operates in various fields including marble, mosaic, construction, petroleum/energy, agriculture/husbandry, dairy farming and tourism. The Holding started to build its wide service network in 1986, when Fimar Mermer A.S. was established as a workshop by Emmioglu family is Sivas province. Afterwards, the company was expanded to factory scale and added quarry operations in its activities.

FIMAR Holding continued its growth day by day and entered into the fuel-oil industry in 2008 with the foundation of FIMAR PETROL LTD. ŞTI. In 2010, Fimar TarimveHayvancilik LTD. STI. was established in Amasya based on the 100% organic product philosophy and soon afterwards, milk and dairy production was started under the BAKRAC brand. Lastly, the Holding decided to took its part in the tourism industry by establishing Fimar Life Thermal Resort Hotel in the unique nature of Amasya province.

In its commercial life that began in the marble industry based on the principles of respect to the human and nature, FIMAR Holding A.S. continues to operate with the same level of determination and commitment.